Dec 10, 2011

The New Theme and Inspiration Behind it

Alright. I must first apologize to all of you who have no idea who the fuck that person in the background is. Let me explain.

The thing that has been eating all of my spare time is Homestuck. Homestuck is an interactive web comic and it is the best thing that has ever lived. It's really long and it took me over a month to get up-to-date, but I finally caught up today, though that's currently beside the point.

Gist is, four kids, four OTHER kids, twelve trolls, two omnipotent beings, and a shit ton of other intense shit that would take forever to explain. The female in the background is one of the trolls, Vriska Serket. That isn't her usual attire, that's her God Tier attire (again, it'd take a really long time to explain). She's isn't my FAVORITE FAVORITE troll (that would be Terezi Pyrope) but she's close and I like this picture of her :P If you really want to what all the hoopla is, either read Homestuck or Google Image "homestuck trolls".

Homestuck currently has five complete acts and started act six on 11/11/11. THIS SHIT IS INTENSE.

I found this on my quest for a new background. Maybe this will sum it up for Grand Theft Auto fans:

[EDIT: the picture isn't showing up, so here's the link:]

I highly suggest you enlarge this picture, GTA fan or not. It's wallpaper sized ^.^

Those are the original four kids. So far the second group of kids is a bit shady, since they have just been introduced at the beginning of act six and two of their names have yet to be told.

Anywhosles, that's my explanation for my prolonged absence, as well as the new blog theme. Woop ^.^

EDIT: I have added the Act 5 soundtrack to the sidebar for blog music, which will suffice for now :P