Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Years and Other Stuff

This, my friends, is my 200th post.

I was kinda hoping to make a splash with my 200th, but I really have nothing prepared. I would have posted a lot more in the past week if I hadn't been attempting to throw something special together for my 200th. Well, surprise, there's nothing yet. It's coming. We'll be celebrating one year of shiny in January, so there will DEFINITELY be something then. The fact that I stayed with this blog for more than a month is a miracle in itself x3 Plus, I still have yet to do something for 10,000 views. So expect something BIG. A house, a sim, maybe a pet... OR... all three... (I got Pets for Christmas :P )

This makes it an even 200 posts for 2011. Today, the year ends. 2011 is over, and hopy shite it's been long. It's actually kind of hard to believe that I graduated grade eight this year, it feels so far away.

Anyway, in closing, 2011 has been great. I wish all of you a safe and happy new year. See you in 2012!

Best wishes

P.S. I had no idea who to stick this in the main post without breaking the flow, so I'm sticking it down here. I would have made a post about this, but again with the 200 thing... I've created a Tumblr, but fair warning it's pretty much my 'Homestuck blog' the same way this is my Sims blog.' Anywho, check it out here.

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