Dec 8, 2011

Picture File Sizes

Before I get to the title topic, I have a few updates:
1. A certain little shit commented, so all comments are on approval-only for a while. ALL comments except those from said little shit will be approved unless inappropriate.
2. I said a reeeeeeeally long time ago I was going to get music for the blog. Well, I might do that some time x3 I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend so I've got loads of time to fix one up.
3. A perfect transition to my net topic: Yes, I am trying to get a new blog theme together. It will happen this weekend.


I found a multitude of perfect images for the blog background, but I keep getting told that the files are too big. The max is 300k, and I once got one down to 355k *.* Does anyone know how I can make pictures files as teensy as possible? I am desperate here.

Sorry for the break, but school is catching up to be, and to tell the truth there isn't much to say. Nothing interesting of note in my life, and I haven't been paying too much attention to the Sims world. More info on what I HAVE been doing online when I update the blog theme.

That is all... for now :O


  1. There are a couple of things you could do.

    You could open the file in the paint program on your computer, and save it as a JPEG, if it's not a JPEG already. Files like PNG tend to be higher quality, so a bit bigger size wise.

    Or, you could open the file in a photo editing program, not sure if you use anything, but there might be an option to compress and save for the web, or for email, etc. etc. That can shrink down the size a little bit.

    Good luck!

  2. Already tried converting it to JPEG :/ I haven't compressing it yet though. Thanks! I'll try that.