Dec 1, 2011

Why, just WHY?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Good lord, Innuendo is one stupid fuck.

TanyaRubirose did earn some brownie points for this, though.

She can be harsh, but I think she did a very good job of serving Innuendo in a 'pleasurable' manner xD

Speaking of the little fuck, I seriously think he needs a life. Someone proved him wrong - even worse, someone who he had a previous feud with - and he immediately got out the big guns and started pulling a hissy-fit while swearing like a sailor using periods to avoid the forum's censor. That act is what I like to call a four year old who knows how to swear.

Wait... He claims to be 19?


He can't seriously be that old. Maybe ten? That ripe age where you thing you rule the fucking world and you're fascinated by the mere idea of swearing, thinking that if you do you'll automatically be 'kool.'

Yes, I swear a fair bit too, but at least I keep it off the forums and on my own turf, rather than spoiling the experience for everyone else.

This child obviously doesn't know how to take defeat.

If, per chance, Innuendo happens to read this, I have but a mere sentence for him: You are an asshole, and a douchebag.

With all the LOVE in my heart,


  1. Mark (the real innuendo)December 8, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    Bookygirl, I don't appreciate you making these posts about me. It has just been brought to my attention and I don't know why you decided to make this post, but I guess that is your opinion.

    And, as you can see from above THIS is why I hate things being said about me. Because some dumb person comes on pretending to be me, writing disgusting things. I suggest you report or delete them comments, and I am sorry for this being brought to you from a post about me, but it is what I have come to expect.

  2. Thanks for keeping your head about this :) I apologize for the other comments, I've been AFK lately and have yet to delete the comments, but rest assured I will, just after I take a screen cap for safe keeping.