Jan 22, 2012

Some people need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

This post makes me want to cry.

I cannot believe someone actually did that. To threaten someone's life over a fucking WEB COMIC is just pathetic... Since the fandom will not be named, we can never really know which one it was, but it was a web comic. Naturally the Homestuck fandom is flipping their shit over this because it quite possibly could have been within our fandom (you would be surprised at the amount of complete fucks who flip their shit over things like shipping and headcanons). So everybody's all "WHAT THE FUCK I NEED TO USE CAPS LOCK A LOT RAAAAGE" and I can't really blame them because this is just blasphemous.

And this was a legit phone call, too. Not just some bullshit like sesert where no one believes it because he's using terrible English and being a little turd. This is a legit phone call made by a legit person who legitimately looked up this person's whereabouts to find them and call them.

I don't even have words for how much this disgraces all of us (us being all in the Homestuck community). This is even worse than those bullshit stories of Homestuck cosplayers being creepy, violent pervs at cons (which are not true by the way). This is just...

There are no words.

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