Aug 22, 2012

Back into the Game

I started up Sims 3 again yesterday after fiddling around with some of my CC, and guess what?

It's working. But it took 45 minutes to load a new town.

I shit you not. 45 motherfucking minutes.

And then by the time I made my sim and moved them in I'd lost my patience with the damn thing and didn't feel like playing any more.

I'm going to delete all of my CC soon and redownload everything to make sure I have the latest shit and that there's nothing in my game I don't want (thus less bogging down) and that I have as little as possible in my game. I have enough lag as it is from having four expansion packs installed. My game can't handle that many packs. The first time this happened it was pretty easy to choose which pack to get rid of since I pretty much NEVER used WA, but now I need to remove either NL or AMB and I just love them both so fucking much and I'm having a bit of an inner conflict ;-;

Anyway, though I haven't mentioned it on here, I've been avidly playing The Sims 2 and having a damn good time with it. There are definitely certain benefits to playing Sims 3 instead of 2, but I've found that most of the improvements in Sims 3 are cosmetic. More face/body sliders, CAS, more refined grid for placing furniture etc. For me, The Sims 2 has a better game mechanic and is more realistic. I also enjoy that Sims 2 is more of a challenge. You can't see a baby's needs, there are two extra stamina bars (comfort and environment), relationships are harder to keep, stamina bars are harder to keep in the green and a whole bunch of other shit I can't think of right now.

I'm pretty sure this is my first sims related post since 2011. Congrats folks we're back on track sort of YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.


  1. i used to play sism 3 all the time omg
    but it took about an hour to load with all the cc I had
    however sims 3 is like the devil to my computer
    everytime i install it my computer eventually dies
    I was so mad when my computer did it again because I'd made the cutest human girl trolls like OMG
    Nepeta was so fucking kawaii she didn't look like any of the others sims I made
    and then i
    h er

    You should post pictures of your sims!!

    1. Damn that sucks holy shit. Sims 3 is a total computer killer. Also, if you'd like to see some of my pics, check the Game Pictures tag. I don't have anything to upload right now but I've got TONS of backlogged shit in there.