Aug 22, 2012

Neurotically Yours

I have recently discovered the marvel that is Neurotically Yours, a web series by a dude named Jim Mathers about a girl, Germaine, her crazy-ass squirrel, Foamy, and an assortment of fucked up side characters. Over the course of the past few days I have watched the entire Neurotically Yours archive and am reveling in its glory. While there were some parts of it I certainly did NOT agree with (for a good chunk Foamy goes through a stage where he would constantly tell people to kill themselves in his rants, though in more recent episodes that's died down a lot), it's fantastically animated and funny as hell. There are also some tragic parts to add to the plot as you watch Germaine's life spiral down the shitter, but it's masked a bit with the humor because at its heart Neurotically Yours is a comedy, though a bit crude at parts. I highly recommend you check it out so long as you are not easily offended. Foamy is extremely blunt about his opinion in rants and can be pretty rude about it too, so be warned. There are also a lot of stereotypes that might piss you off. Otherwise, proceed.

P.S. Homestuck is on a month-long hiatus that ends this Saturday and I'm dead without an update. I was not part of the fandom when everyone waited two months for "[S] Cascade." thus I do not have that kind of patience (yet). Hussie left of at a huge fucking cliffhanger. I must know what happens next. Sometimes this "work in progress" thing really kills me. This is one of those times.


  1. I waited for cascade man
    I waited and it just made me twice as impatient
    i need
    u pDATE..,.