Aug 28, 2012

Here We Go Again

It's official, I have uninstalled and deleted all of my custom content. Now I need to start smashing through my bookmarks and redownloading everything I still actually want in my game.

I also still need to decide between AMB and NL and which one to ditch.


They're both so good ;-;

I am now going to do a comparison (positives = things I use, negatives = annoyances).

Positives: skills, careers/self-employment, lifetime wishes, traits, motorcycles
Negatives: Twinbrook sucks ass, laundry is a huge fucking piss off

Positives: Bridgeport, architecture/build mode shit, furniture, film career, skills, the subway system is pretty handy, CAS sliders, clothing and hair styles, dancing on tables (fuck yes), skinny dipping, group outings
Negatives: vampires are annoying, paparazzi can go fuck themselves, celebrity status is fucking annoying, the hip hop station is terrible

Looking at it now, Night Life has far more to enjoy, and though it looks like I have a lot of complaints about it there's really only four because I elaborated on the amount of suck each of the negatives has. I guess I'll uninstall AMB then? I never really use any of the positives that much, except the skills and self-employment. I really liked self-employment. But I guess I'll have to do without it now. Oh well, it's not like you can't earn money from selling shit without being self employed.

It is decided. Arivaderci, Ambitions.

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