Aug 27, 2012

Fan Expo

So this weekend I went to Fan Expo.

And it



I had so much fun! I went in my Roxy cosplay with a friend (who will be from here on out referred to as Misa [that's who she cosplayed on Sunday, though I wasn't with her then]) and we spend the day there on Saturday. We got a ride from Misa's dad and arrived at ten. Two hours waiting for tickets and then we were finally in. We explored the dealer's room for a little bit (she got a book and a wall scroll and we both got a bottle of Faygo), then sat down to look at the events scheduled. We eventually decided on going to an anime screening. They showed us two episodes of an anime called Sword Art Online. It was pretty good. I gotta remember to check it out again some time.

After that we went to lunch at Subway. I had put my bottle of Faygo in my backpack so by this point it had been shook up pretty well and it exploded when I opened it. This got Redpop Faygo all over our table, the floor, and inevitably my cosplay. My white shirt. My white skirt. My white shoes. We cleaned that up, ate our lunch and headed back to the convention center. We were going to see the Frankenweenie exhibit (the only thing I really wanted to see) but we ended up walking into the dealer's hall where the exhibit was only to get called to by a group of three Homestuck cosplayers just saying hi (the best part is shit like this happened all day, we'd just be walking down the hall and oh look Homestuck cosplayers and then we waved at each other and kept walking). After that we got into a conversation with them that took up out remaining 20 minutes before heading off to the photoshoot at the park across the street.

THE PHOTOSHOOT WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. There were so many fucking people. So many Homestucks all in one place. It was beautiful. You can see all of my pictures over here. That's the first part, and there's an index of links below it. I had to leave early, but I got all of those so I am very happy.

Now it's time for the big reveal. My fucking face in my fucking cosplay. well here it is motherfuckers.

The first picture I was aware of it being taken. The second I wasn't.

There you have it fuckers. That's what I look like.

After the photoshoot, my parents picked us up and we went to my nana's house for dinner, then we went home.

That was probably one of the best days this summer.

Aaaaaaaand that's about all I have to say for now. I want to do a little video of my cosplay stuff soon for my YouTube channel (which STILL doesn't have an introduction video but fuck it) so you'll be able to see my hair and my face minus black lipstick soon enough. Adios amigos.