Feb 27, 2011

Fellow TMN Supporters, Join the Movement!

The Mare's Nest has been on hiatus for probably over a week now, and I'm missing their daily posts. They brought down bumnuggetry on many TS3 forum sites and highlighted some good laughs, all in the name of TS3 community. This movement was inspired by Vidkid20 (Vidkid21 on the official forums) who was the first person (that I saw) post this on their blog.
We miss the Mare's, so we should show them! Post the Butterfly of Doom (in a picture app) on your blog with a little message to our friends at the Mare's!
The Butterfly of Doom
We miss you TMN!



  1. Wonderful idea! I actually was hoping some people would post the butterfly in their blogs, but I didn't want push it. Yes, please do show your support. :)

  2. Oh I love this, I miss TMN.

    I shall post it on my blog now :)