Feb 1, 2011

My Sunset Valley Family (The one I DIDN'T screw up xD)

Alright, so this is my family in Sunset Valley. I used my simself and I CAS'd myself a hot hubbie :3 Anyway, I have a few things to show ya.

I've shown you a picture of her before, but this is our first born daughter, Aariane. She's currently YA and is a self-employed painter, career level three. I've appointed her heiress. She gets a CAS'd hubbie and she gets to keep the house :D

This is our second born daughter, Aeva, thinking about painting. Creativity is in the blood, as you can see from her creative looks xD I got bored, okay? Anyway, she's always had... Awkward looks. She takes on after her father, while her two sisters look more like me. I have no idea where the hair comes from, though. I made my hubbie's hair the exact same color as mine. Weird...

This is our third and final born daughter, Elanora. Same hair as Aeva, and I still have zip idea where it came from. She takes after me. I know because Aariane does and she looks exactly as Aariane did as a child.

Alright, this next little bit is weird... Watch this video of my hubbie Brandon playing video games on his laptop...
(don't worry, there's no sound, don't go screwing with your computer's sound settings...)
Yeah... I call it the Video Games Dance, Sim Style.
Seriously, what is UP with his LIP?!?! I call it W lip, because seriously, what else does it look like? (Answer in comments!)

And some of those other faces he made...

Grumpy Brandon is grumpy.

And how happy Brandon is happy!

And my simself was playing video games on her lappy, too. But she made the same faces, and you know what?

No bad case of W Lip.
P.S. Reading this over, I noticed something really creepy: I wrote this in first person, as if I AM my simself with this hot hubbie and three kids.
I get too attached to my sims. It's unhealthy.

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  1. Lol! I love when sims do that weird thing while playing computer games!