Feb 7, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.6 - Caitlin Shiny

WOOT! New chap :D
I got my new skins working on all files (you need to delete the simCompositerCache under Electronic Arts/The Sims3) and I also got new eyes! (Eyes here (unicolor version): http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=379239)

Caitlin with new skin and eyes.

Justin with new skin and eyes.

Makani with new skin and eyes.

Alright, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is... well, read.

It was a typical day in the Shiny household. Justin was inventing and Caitlin was tending to Maki's needs, feeding him in the high chair and what not.

Caitlin was doing the such when I heard another loud boom upstairs. I expected Justin to just be electrocuted.

Well, to put it shortly, I was wrong. He was on fire.

Justin flippin' out.
Now I had sent Caitlin to fix him up with a fire extinguisher but, like most sims, Caitlin is stupid.
Noooooo no no no. I couldn't just leave Maki unattended on the floor! He might crawl upstairs and see his dad on fire! Traumatized for LIFE!
You keep thinking that. Anyway, Caitlin sort of didn't get there on time?

Dead. D':

Smexy ghosty Justin :D

Begging for his life.

His pleas fell on deaf ears.

R.I.P. Justin Shiny

And now the good news...
I quit without saving :D
Teehee! I know, I know, you all thought he actually DIED, but it happened right after going into the game so I quit without saving because dead Justin isn't fun xD

Family moment <3
The rest of the morning after I loaded the file again went according to plan, minus Justin dieing.

My my, what this time?
What has been seen cannot be unseen.
And what would that be?
She showed me her... secret tattoo. The one that only... 'intimate friends', in her words, get to see. OH GOD MAKE IT GO AWAY.
Pleasant :)

Another day removing trash can stench for Justin xD

Caitlin's work started again the next day.

This was a baby room for... someone. A woman, name starts with S, has that Justin Bieber-ish haircut that comes with Ambitions? Yeah, her. You like? She did :D

About the point Caitlin left whats-her-face's house to do her second and final interior design job for the day, Justin woke up, and beaver dam I'm loving those abs ;)

This is some dude's bathroom. Forget what he looked likee, but I wasn't in a creative mood so to satisfy his wishes for a new 'Powder Room' I eyedropped and deleted. The only new thing is the rug. He liked it anyway. Heh heh, stupid sims :)

Justin inventing, nothing unusual, except maybe the fact that he seemed extremely distracted by... something to his left...

Was is our peacefully sleeping Makani? Or was something else that only magical ghost hunters can see? O_O

More magical poltergeist hunting.

BAM! Caitlin is preggo again :D

You know, I think I actually LIKE the randomized clothing this time :D

And what is this?

Justin is becoming an adult!!!! (Thanks God he's not becoming an old man... O_o)

Alright, that REALLY needs some fixing...

There we go. That's better! Probably not the EXACT same color as before, but close enough!

How can you resist that FACE! Can't... stand... the CUTENESS!!!!!!

It's big boy birthday time! This birthday is brought to you by the letter B!!!

Blowing out the candles!





There! Better! Wait, what? Oh, beaver dam.

It's the face again.

Ah, better.
I now realise that I didn't take a full body shot. Well, if you're wondering, his shirt says 'What are you looking at?' I thought it was appropriate because... well, you know. He's always had awkward looks.

And I finish with this video of Justin blowing stuff up. (Again, no sound, I'll change my settings some time soon)
Which concludes this chapter.
New chapter should be a bit sooner, and I apologize for the gap between chapters :) Also, poll on Maki's hair. And suggestions on where to get good hair for my little boys? Post below :)

Also, just thought I'd add this in. Big shout out to Apollo over at the Azure Legacy for cursing my legacy into Justin's fiery death :P
The Cursed Chapter: http://azurelegacy.blogspot.com/2011/02/chapter-6-burn-baby-burn.html?showComment=1297129731918#c7421915864526253789


  1. There was no cursing!
    ANYway, you cheated... Who's breaking legacy rules...?

  2. LOL xD I know, I keed, I keed :P I know that you probably haven't been following my legacy, but in Ch. 1 I specifically stated all official rules were out the window. My legacy, my rules. Like quitting without saving if the founder's hubbie dies xP