Feb 19, 2011

Interior Design Application for miadarkdecider

Alright, since Windows Mail has a really crappy way of inserting photos, I've decided to post my Writing Example and Interior Design Example here together! I've only got one, because I'm trying to limit my picture uploads right now.
(Mia, you don't gotta read this, but do so if you wish.) Yes, yes, picture uploads means Shiny Legacy chapter, and it's in the works. I'll try to get it out on Family Day Monday, but no guarantees. I've got some last minute projects to finish off xP Oh, and BTW, Family Day is a Canadian thing! Yaaaaaay Canada!

Alright, let's get down to buisness. Here we go!

'Chocolate Raspberries' Kitchen Reinvents Berry Sweet Cuisine
Take a look at this kitchen. Popping pinks, magical magentas and beautiful browns are harmonious in this picture. This kitchen has it all, with a pinch of vintage style in the design of the appliances and counters. Let's get a closer look at the finer details of this masterpiece.
If you take a look at the far wall beside the microwave, you'll find this. A perfect little home-sweet-home touch. It also hints at a little something else: that old saying, 'The way into a man's heart is through his stomach.' This beauty was purchased at ChocoSims, as part of a beautiful bedroom set themed upon hearts and love. http://chocosims.jimdo.com/les-chambres/chambre-romantica/
The recipe that inspired the work is open on the counter, Raspberry Bars. Gorgeous, hand painted artwork borders the pages, showing in a clear and fun way how to create this delicious treat. The stand and book are by RainNCandy and Charmaine of Sweet Ambrosia, an adorable little store that sells gorgeous home decorations. http://sweet-ambrosia1.blogspot.com/2010/09/your-meal-plan-for-this-week-you-dont.html
On my way out, I stopped by the magazine rack to pick up a few artsy things. I thought these would complete the look, so I picked them up. There were various other magazines too, and some classic Marvel comics. http://sweet-ambrosia1.blogspot.com/2010/10/double-magazine-stack-featuring-either.html
I had a pal of mine, Haily Winslii*, come in and take a look around, too. Naturally, her very first catch was the La Bakery Fun & Easy Recipes book open to the Raspberry Bars recipe. She decided to give it a shot.
*Not an RL friend of mine, just a 'random' sim
This was the last we saw of the raspberries, because Haily isn't exactly the greatest of cooks.
She posted a reminder about the time on the recipe on the cork board by the fridge so that she would never make that mistake again.
My Rating: 8/10          Friend's Rating (Haily): 7/10

That's my submission! Application is now COMPLETE! :D :P
Anybody recognize that beauty? That's a completely made over Bluebell Fantasy!
Well, I hope you liked it Mia. See ya round the interwebs!

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  1. Hey Booky, sorry to bother you on here. Just need to know if you got my e-mail about how your article is going, and about a simself?
    Please get onto me ASAP, we've passed the deadline for articles.