Feb 15, 2011

Shiny Legacy Update

There SHOULD be an update soon, I'm heading in game to start taking pics now. Won't be able  to get it out today, it's a bit too late, so tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. While we're talking about the legacy, I'll show you a few more pictures I didn't include in chapters (you'd be surprised at the gigantic amount of pictures I leave out). This little batch takes us all the way back to Caitlin and Justin's boring Honeymoon in Champs le Sims.

 I originally took a picture of both of them throwing in the berries,

 squishing the berries,

getting out of the tub (although I almost didn't get Justin, this is him about to change back to every day),

 and turning the knobs.

 I had them romance when the Nectar was being processed.

 I honestly didn't notice how much of a derp face this is until now xD


I had them drink some of Justin's Nectar (I'd named both of their Nectars the Honeymoon Blend), but they both headed for the same chair. And of course, sims are ridiculously stupid, as he didn't sit in the chair next to Caitlin.

He ran off to have his drink in a corner, facing the wall.

 This fancy French lady walked into the bedroom just after the two had gone to sleep to steal some Nectar.

And this is a mosaic of the side of the tent just after Caitlin and Justin had magical woohoo on top of an ancient burial ground.

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