Apr 5, 2011

Generations and Reno

Screw Late Night, Generations is where it's at.
I definitely won't be pre-ordering or buying this even close to the release date (knowing EA, my computer will probably spontaneously combust after installation), but I will DEFINITELY be investing in this. It is making MAJOR, MAJOR improvements to my favorite aspect of the game: growing up, getting married, raising kids, and pretty much all of that stuff that has to do with, well, raising generations of a family! Some will like it, some will not, but honestly, when I saw the new trailer and read the description I was SQEE-ing so much I'm surprised my head didn't explode.
I will be removing the owl theme from the blog some time tomorrow and creating a custom theme. This will not include a background made by me to represent be, since I'm a photo editing fail, but I won't be going back to the same old doodles backdrop. I'll be doing something new and hopefully different from anything else you're seen before. I can guarantee this will be ten million times more 'me' then the doodle theme and the owl theme put together!
That is all.

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