Apr 22, 2011

I know, I know... I said no more...

Yes, I fully understand that i said I would only be making that one post about the little shit, but I just can't hep it. If you check his blog, his latest post is ridiculous.

                                   and accourting to this bookygirll4

                                          wants xXAngelicEvilXx to go to court

                              and bookygirll4 you are my next target

                               and don't forget to comment

Oh, so I'm his 'next target'? Bring it, ya little shit. I'm all game.
Oh, and just a quick little message? I was giving AE permission to use any evidence taken by yours truly in her battle to get you off the internet. I was not telling her to go to court. I do not want her to go to court. I just want YOU to wave your damn white flag so that we can all deal with this in a civil manor, instead of YOU taking things so far that we have no other choice.
Oh, and no, I won't comment, thankyouverymuch.


  1. He is major fail. I didn't contact a lawyer, I didn't contact a judge, I contacted a government agency. There's a HUGE difference, and it's a difference that will be all the more painful for him.

    I've seen his little blog. He just keeps digging deeper, as I included that little blog in my email to the IC3.

  2. Yes, he needs to learn quite a few things, and they're all going to be coming to him quite fast. After posting, I deleted his previous comments and found the setting for making it so that comments need my approval before posting before taking a small lunch break :P No more will he be able to spam me...

  3. Very good ^_^ I passed along your blog url when I contacted IC3 and when I hear from whoever they've passed the issue to, I'll hand them your email so they can contact you as well.

  4. Alright, thanks for letting me know AE :)