Apr 22, 2011

Machinima - I have decided!

I have decided to use my favorite song to date - and current obsession - Fuckin' Perfect by P!nk for my machinima. I will of course be using the censored version (for the soul reason my parents would KILL me if I used the uncensored) but for those who have not heard the song, here are both videos.

Things to Figure Out:
1. Where to upload
2. How to get the song
3. Pretty much everything else xD
I'm hopping into my game right now to attempt to find some sort of idea. I know I'll be following the whole symbolism of the teddy bear, but possibly changing it to a different stuffie, and that I'll be following a girl through her life, but other than that ideas are pretty vague. Hopefully more later.


  1. Haha! I tried a machinima once, but I forgot to save the game and somehow all of the shots I had taken just disappeared >.<
    Let's just say I haven't done machinima for a while xD

  2. Oh, and here's a video-editing program that I use:

    And for the song, you can try Itunes or (if you don't want to spend the money) if you have a friend that likes the song you could ask them to burn it to a disk, then you'll just need to download it to your computer.

    I make lots of spoofs with my friends so I know a lot about the program if you ever need to ask me something! Good luck!

  3. Thanks, Spychip! I'll check 'em out!