Apr 3, 2011

Tags and Such

I just finished going through all old blog posts and changing the tags on at least two thirds of them, just adding new ones (not necessarily the ones I just created). I've also created two new tags: Real Life Stuff and More EA Epic Fail. So if anyone wants to read about EA's massive amount of fails, they can click the More EA Epic Fail tag, and if any of my little stalkers want to read more about my real life, they can check all posts tagged Real Life Stuff. I've also added Game Pictures to ANY post with ANY in-game pictures, including all chapters of The Shiny Legacy, which I may or may not attempt again soon.
Anywhosles, I'll be seein' ya guys on the Facebook soon! My parents FINALLY let me have Facebook, but my account isn't set up yet. May or may not link here, but probably not, for obvious reasons. Also, I might update my about me page with a pic of myself ;)
~BookyGirl13-soon-to-be-14-in-10-days ;)~


  1. Your birthday is coming up?! No way; mine too! Mine is the 27. I'm turning 13 XD