Apr 21, 2011

Ah, shiz...

Warning!: Hide the kiddies! Explicit language.
It's a wee bit blurry, but I'm sure you get the gist. I don't exactly know how to work photo editing programs properly yet '^_^ Open it in a new tab.
Yes, that's right, I'm the little shit's next target. Probably because I commented on AE's blog. This will be the one and only post I make on the subject.
Dear 'sese'
Get the fuck out of my blog. You do not scare me or intimidate me, and your pathetic tactics will not work. You're just some little shit sitting at their computer in Isreal, thinking that just because we're overseas we can't do anything to you. Just to let ya know, you're completely wrong. I have no idea why you're going on with this bullshit, and how you're getting away with it, but its going to stop, and soon.
Oh, and I need to 'comment suicide?' Oh my my, I'm offended xD That's just... Fail.
Seriously, grow up.

AE, I give you permission to use this in your court case against him/her/it, if it ever comes to that. I will try to contact you privately and get some tips on ways I can block this little fuck, seeing as I know nothing about this kind of stuff '^_^
After posting this, I will delete his/her/it's comments.


  1. I saw it previously, just didn't comment on it yet :P On the phone with EA right now, and this guy is trying to help me out as well by trying to make sure it gets to the RIGHT place.