Jun 14, 2011

Behind Backs and Around Arms

**Warning: Hide the kiddies! Explicit language**
This is yet another rant about friend problems, so if you don't give a shit, close the tab.

This particular story involves Sally from my previous post, and some new characters whose names were also cleverly concealed with generic names.

It was a normal Monday, nothing new. I was talking with Sally and a few other people who I won't name because they aren't that involved in the rest of the story. We approached the topic of this dude who I will call Billy. I remarked, "Heh heh... He's a desparate asshole." And please read on, there is an explanation behind that remark.

This Billy dude used to date a friend of mine. They dated for roughly two weeks before she broke up with him. He continued to beg and grovel for her back, for at least three or so weeks afterwards. That begging involved multiple Facebook messages and letters in her pencil case. Then he treated her like a dumbass, claiming to be involved in gangs and saying it was good they broke up because of this ridiculous story: There was a dude outside the bakery when we were having lunch and when I left early the dude was there he had a gun and he stabbed my face and I got his gun and threw it on top of the bakery THEY ARE GOING TO KILL YOU (or something along the lines). This date they went on was on a Sunday. He came back to school Monday, 100% fine, not a single scratch or bruise. And this friend of mine he dated is my closest friend, so this seriously pissed me off that he was playing her for an idiot.

So I remarked this (extremely stupidly) and Sally went and told Billy what I'd said. I should have known better than to mention this around Sally (she's done this before) but I just wasn't thinking about it. It just popped out, and I know see just how stupid and immature it was to say that either way, whether Sally was going to tell him or not.

Time for the new characters (whom I will name after sims because I feel like it): Tom, Claire and Amy. (Tom Wordy [LN], Claire Ursine and Amy Bull [AMB])

So, back to the rant, Sally told Billy and all hell broke loose.

Tom is Billy's best friend, but I don't think he gave a shit. He's never said anything about it and he acts perfectly normal around me. But Billy, being the epic rage quit he is (he epic rages about most things he doesn't like) pulled a stunt of cussing me out and throwing a tantrum. He then got Amy to ask me why a bunch of times. I refused to tell them, because he had very specifically worded the letters "OPEN ALONE" and I'm fairly sure he didn't want anyone else to see/know about the Facebook conversation about being involved in gangs. I have refused to tell anyone my reasoning because if word of that gets around, not only will I be in bigger shit, but so will said ex-girlfriend. He has continued the hissy fits all of the time, and now he thinks I've been telling other people, too. I mentioned it ONCE in front of Sally. That was THE ONLY time I ever said it to anyone. The words have not escaped my mouth since.

Sally was already pissed at me for saying "Yay" when she said she failed a math test because I honestly wasn't paying attention (which I have explained to her multiple times, but she's stubborn as hell). Now she's pissed at me for what I said about Billy. I have not once denied it. I know that denying saying it will only get me in bigger shit. But now she and Claire are casting me out of the group as much as they possibly can and laughing about it (or at least Claire is, Sally not so much).

And now not just Billy and Sally are pissed at me, but so is Claire (this is where she comes in). Claire has continued to downcast me out of the group. Others have claimed me the asshole for saying such a thing (and laughing about that, too ["Ya, Caitlin's the asshole. Ah ha ha!"]).

This group of friends has a Facebook group, which I will call Friends because I don't want anyone trying to search it up. Friends consists of Sally, Amy, Billy, Tom, two other girls and myself, with Claire as one and only admin. Or at least it used to. Yesterday after school Claire booted me, and Billy made the most immature wall post (aimed at me) in the history of immature wall posts. I was going to drop anyway, but it still hurt to be kicked out, especially by someone I considered a friend.

Amy has stuck with me throughout this. She was pissed at me yesterday, but she, like Tom and one other girl, has gotten over it by today. She's been trying to help me and trying to see me out through this. I can't be more grateful right now, as she's the only one I can really talk to about this. She's the only one who was there and gets it. Though she's annoyed my reasoning is hidden, she still tries to help me.

Ramble over. *sigh* Bullshit's goin' 'round these days...


  1. Grr. This sounds so annoying >.<
    I've never been in a situation like this, so I have no personalized advice :(
    I hope it gets better, at least ;)

  2. Yes, it's a rather unique situation >.< Thanks so much, Spyship :)

  3. Your real friends will stick by you ... but for the record, I wouldn't rely on Sally, I don't think she is your friend. Unfortunately drama is all part of the teen years ... but things do get better. Hope things improve for you soon!

  4. The thing with Sally is... Well, she's Sally. But when we are getting along we have the best time staying up all night watching Silly Songs with Larry from Vegetales and killing each other in LittleBigPlanet. I know that she's not exactly the kind of person who I can sit down with and 'talk about life' so to speak. I'm going to a completely different high school than all of them (except Billy and Tom [yay, Billy -.-]) so I'm definitely hoping to find better friends there. Billy's ex is my closest friend, who I definitely won't lose my ties with, but I think I'll let everyone else off the hook. They're helping me on that one :S