Jun 7, 2011

Generations PicSpam Part 1/2: Marioa Family

The following pictures were taken last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The couple we'll be peering at today is the Marioa family, residing in Twinbrook. Sadly, no new town with Generations to incorporate all of the new items.

Here is the couple in question: Michi and Mario Marioa (I only realized it was all M's and that Mario and Marioa are virtually the same thing when I started the game xD). Oh, and Michi is pregnant.

And the babbeh's comin' :P

I always catch the BEST "Water is Broken FREAK OUT" faces xD

Meet Dylan Marioa. I forget his traits.




 Dylan got an IF! :D lol It looks like a cow xD

 A mother with a baby in arms and a bun in the oven ready to pop!

 lol Game glitch xD That happens whenever she picks him up to take him out of the stroller for a split second before the proper animation shows..

And I leave you with this piece of fail xD They just arrived at their destined lot.
Part 2/2 up later.


  1. Yay! That looks awesome! So...what did she have?

  2. As in the baby? I don't know, I saved and quit when the final stroller glitch happened because it was getting late. If I knew, I would've DEFINITELY given a pic :3 I haven't had much time to play lately, so it might be a bit, but I'll definitely let you guys know :D