Jun 29, 2011

Updates on Pretty Much Everything

It feels like I haven't posted in forever, but it's really only been about a week (which is quite a while for me when you check my archive :P ). So, here are a few random updates. Note that they are in no particular order, I've just typed them as the came.

Moonlit Nights: The Luna Legacy
The site is up, and is over here.

I now know how to add text links!
As is obvious from the last update.

Monday marked my official grade eight graduation ceremony. It was fantastic! It was very well done, and I must say, the food was great xD I danced my ass off! Rocked the night with Sally, we're the party people :P Despite the angry rants, she's a great friend. As normal friends do, we have our disagreements, and they are more often than not ugly, but once they're resolved we're high flying again, so to speak. Anyway, danced like hell with Sally (even for the slow songs xD ) and just had a fantastic time.

The Last Day
Today was the last day of school. It was a half day. We spent most of the time outside. During recess (my very last recess :'( Damn I'll miss those) we took a huge group photo of most everyone in the grade. Of COURSE I forgot my freaking camera, but everyone put all their pics up on Facebook, so I'm good xD I'm surprised at the small amount of people crying, last year's grad class was blubbering like babies.

So... um... Yeah. That's really it. I'm pretty sure I've forgot something, though. May update later...

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