Aug 8, 2011

Pose List (for BlueChan)

This is a list of all of my poses I have in game, so save Blue the trouble of sifting though the millions out there :P

Pose Player
Sassy Pose Pack
Depression V1
Tehmango's Custom Poses 1
My Blue Book Pose Set 001
Elegant Pose Pack
Hunky Pose Pack
My Blue Book Pose Set 002
Maximum Love Me Tender - Couples Pose Pack
Tehmango's Custom Poses 2
Cute Kid Pose Pack
Fun Kid Pose Pack
Maximum Hold Me Tight - Couples Pose Pack
EDJ Pose Pack #1
My Blue Book Pose Set 003 (couples poses)
Club Crymsin Pose Pack: Floor 1
Maximum Under The Tree - Couples Pose Pack
Depression V2
Love Actually Pose Pack
EDJ Pose Pack #2 (couples poses)
Cuteness Pose Set
Girlish Lounge Pose Set
L.A.Z.Y. Pose Set
Family Comes First
Facebook Request Pose Pack
Pillow Talk--Cuddly Couples Pose Pack
Danzxncrd Come Sit With Me
Sleeping  Pose Pack
Pool Pose Megapack
Maximum Vampire Diaries - Couples Pose Pack (could be interpreted as sexy without the bloody makeup xD)
Flirty Pose Pack
Trunk of Poses (40 poses)
Thick as Thieves
Maximum Max Men


  1. Great list! I'm trying to install the pose player but nothing is working! Please help!

  2. Don't worry! I figured it out! Your list will be super helpful!