Aug 27, 2011

This is too true!

I didn't submit this to the Berry Sweet Confessions site but it absolutely too true, for me anyway. Just thought I'd share :3

EDIT: I posted the link because the picture has stopped showing up twice now, hopefully this will work better :)


  1. That picture scares me for some reason...

    *Runs out of the blog screaming*

  2. That's because it's the Berry Sweet mob preparing to attack O_O

  3. seems like they've already attacked. You have 2 'meh' votes on this so far, which only goes to prove your point.

  4. I am sorry that you have gotten that impression Booky. You are more than welcome anytime.

  5. right. so... please excuse my curious mind here for wondering what exactly happened that made you feel so left out? honestly, that's quite the accusation you're making. enough to knot my panties in a twist, though that might just be an unfortunate coincidence.

    A) you could've tried talking to one of us/them/whatever, prove yourself wrong.
    B) you could've ranted on about how we won't allow anyone in 'cause by some odd chance you don't get to attend our annual tea parties? (which are bloody awesome by the way! cakes and everything!)

    obviously, you chose the wrong answer.

    ah, but please, continue to be spiteful. it's more "fun" that way, innit? :)

    p.s. you were right about that Berry Sweet mob preparing to attack, by the way... n_n~

  6. :/

    Being generally new to the sims community I think that things from the outside look more like one big group, then there really is.

    It just took time, bopping around, commenting on things I liked, before anyone answered. Yes, I have a lot of comments on various blogs that never got answered.'s ok. :)

    Some people seem to have reached maximum capacity for how many friends/readers/everythings they can keep track of. And some people are THRILLED BEYOND ALL REASON to get new visitors.

    Haha, also, am I the only one getting a picture of Poida running from blog to blog, screaming, pausing only long enough to suck in some air and leave a quick comment, before hauling and hollerin' off again? Plus, his butt is on fire, obviously.

  7. the only one acting spiteful is you, kittykattylion. Who are you? The spokesperson for the Berry Sweet Society? xD How proud you must be.

    What's your problem? The girl hardly even said anything. If you get your panties in a twist over this, I wonder what happens if you get really annoyed. Diva much?

  8. Alright, so this post exploded O_O
    @Anon. 1, I suppose you could see it that way, but it may be merely people who disagree with my post.
    @Berry, Thank you :) I might start trying to dig deeper into the community some time soon.
    @Kittycattylion, I found your comment very polite and well mannered, even a bit jokey (I did laugh a bit at your remark about the Berry Sweet Mob) but the bit about choosing the wrong answer and continuing to be spiteful 'cause it's more 'fun' kind of ruined it. I wasn't really ranting, it was just a little one-liner about how I agreed with what this person had said. I don't believe I was being spiteful at all, I was just saying that I thought the community was a bit clique-ish, I wasn't being overly nasty with it.
    @Scones For Cream Tea, I completely agree. I burst out laughing when I read your line about poida xD It gave me quite the funny image :P
    @Anon. 2, Thank you so much for standing up for me :) but in the future could you please state your points a bit more politely? Thank you so much :D

  9. the only one acting gutless is you, Anon. who are you? no clue! how proud must you be.

    anywhoos! Booky, I wholeheartedly apologize for coming off a little (or a lot!) strong. I for one know you as a dedicated reader, and should've known better than sharpening my claws like that in public. it's just that lately there's been a lot of Moaning Myrtle's concerning Berry's concept, and with being one of her friends I am instantly ticked off when I catch a little huff or puff. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. therefore, I apologize! :3

    am sorry.
    truly am.

  10. p.s. what happens between me and my underwear when I get really annoyed stays between me and my underwear, Anon. thank you.

  11. Apology accepted. It's alright, we all get that way sometimes :3