Aug 6, 2011

The Results are IN!

Ah, hell, why not, I've jumped on the UrlAi bandwagon. Check my results here, I'm too lazy to get a screen shot :P I should be sleeping right now (but that's nothing unusual xD ).

EDIT: lolwut? I've only just placed my results and I'm already listed at the fourth happiest blog.
[click to zoom]


  1. What is that thing? Haha, I'm so out of the interwebs loop.

  2. LOL Look at Tales from a Twin over on the Upset list, LMAO

  3. It thinks EVERY simmer is a teenage girl/just entering womanhood girl! It says so for me, hag, vidkid, and even the mares nest!

  4. @Blue, I believe this is some sort of new sim blog trend, because there are a lot of sims blogs up there on the front page.
    @Grumpy Toast, Seems so :P
    @paco, lol, It does seem to be calling everyone a bunch of teen girls xD Though it says the Mare's are middle-aged :P

  5. Haha, it said my Sim/Personal blog belonged to a woman aged 35-50, and my Lune Legacy was 18-25.