Aug 14, 2011


Well then.
I am completely astonished. I thought Evie was great, a wonderful creator and a wonderful person. I thought she was a really nice person, friendly and such. I am completely appalled though by her latest display. When she said she was upset about something and wanted to leave the community, I just sort of sighed and went "Well there goes another great member, and this time it's a creator too." But now... I don't know. I just don't know what to think.


  1. ditto! The way she displayed herself most of the time certainly didn't prepare me for that little happening....

  2. I generally prefer not to discuss such subjects in public, but I feel I should say this (also, I'm not having a dig at anyone with what I write here)...

    Don't judge too harshly, or jump to conclusions. Much of what goes on in our lives is never made known to the online community, so you can never be sure what can cause someone to behave in a way that people might find irrational (I'll admit, I saw the last post she made just before she made her blog private, and what was revealed did make sense to me, but that's all I'll say on the matter).

    Unless someone is behaving like a proper asshat, then they truly don't deserve to be vilified. We all make mistakes (or perhaps, what others perceive as mistakes) and if you truly consider someone a friend, then you'll accept them for who they are, quirks and all.

    All you can do is carry on with things like you normally do, these issues will quite often sort themselves out with time.

    Apologies for the novel, hopefully I've made some kind of sense.