Mar 13, 2011

BluebellFlora and the Case of the EA Asses

*Warning: Hide the kiddies! This will be one of the very few posts where I use excessive swearing*
This is complete bullshit. Just read this post at BluebellFlora's blog:
Alright, a few little points here before I get to the body of the rant. First, sesert34 is an ass. That's pretty clearly established already, but I just thought I'd say so. Second, EA is a team of asses. Also already established, but that's still beside the point.
So in this situation, we're dealing with a level-headed, mature adult who wants something to be done about a major harassment and extortion problem (Bluebell), an ass with 24 cheeks (sesert34 and his multiple accounts) and a team of 'Customer Support' workers with their heads up each other's asses (EA's 'Customer Support').
1. This:
should have been enough for EA to look into the matter and actually fucking DO something. But no, they were to busy fixing the multiple game issues with every EP and SP out there. Wait a second, they don't do that either! So what must they have been doing? Ah, yes, a favorite past time of their's: smelling each other's asses while bathing in the cash they've milked out of the hard-core fans both at the Store and for EP's and SP's.
2. Pogo? Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! It's like the time they put up the Spore maintenance page all over again, except ten times worse because now we've discovered that EA is capable of putting ignore features such as this:
If you see someone acting in an abusive manner (excessive swearing, racial slurs, etc.) please start by muting them. You mute someone by clicking their screenname in the ‘Who’s Here’ list and then clicking the ‘Mute’ option. Once you mute someone, you will never see chat from that person again. This is a very powerful tool because abusers crave attention, and they don’t like being ignored. Once they stop getting your attention and realize they’re not getting to you, they’ll eventually move on or stop altogether.
on their sites, and they STILL haven't bothered with it, even though they probably get thousands of trolling and bullshit reports every day, which they all give robotic responses to and do absolutely fuckwits about.
3. Account names such as these:
should be BLOCKED. Do they seriously have NO filter on their usernames? That's just fucking pathetic! They don't have ANY way of blocking usernames with 'gotohell' clearly stated, no 'g02h311' or any of that shit. I bet I'd be able to create an account with 'fuck' clearly written in the name. Might go something like 'FuckYouEA'...
4. So, what do the SimGurus have to say about all of this?
Oh, yes, they're looking into it, all right. That's why it's been a whole fucking TWO WEEKS since that message was posted, and STILL nothing has been done! Agreed, Bluebell, it is no longer about that ass sesert34 and his 24 cheeks, it is about getting EA to wake up and smell the 100% pure bullshit radiating from their website. Something needs to be done, NOW! Anyone else ready to head to EA's Sims HQ and grab a picket sign on the way? They're like automated voice recorded telemarketers, you can tell that recording all you want that no, you do not want a free trip to Hawaii, but it'll just keep rambling that pre-recorded bullshit until your head explodes. You can't get the message through to the recording,  but you might be able to get it through to the person. We, as the consumers of EA's products, need to step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park and into the oblivion, the ball being all of EA's issues and ass-ness. I cant do anything, seeing as I'm a 13-year-old whose never left Ontario, but I'm sure someone else can, and I'd be right behind them for support!

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