Mar 14, 2011

The Great Bully Debate

*Warning: Hide the kiddies again! Another post with excessive swearing. Yes, I know, "Two in a row?" Well, this most likely won't happen again anytime soon, but I found another rant trigger. Another post flipped that switch.*
Today's rant is brought to you by this post @The Skipping Rock.
Bullying. We've all been through it at one point or another. We've all been teased, ridiculed and made fun of for some stupid reason, whether it was the color of your skin or your religion or the way you looked. But some get it worse than others.
You know that kid, right? The one who everyone tramples, the one who always gets back-talked and stepped on. The one with no friends, the one who nobody likes. There's always one or two kids in every grade and every school who's like that. Nobody likes them, everybody plows them over like a piece of shit. Sometimes it's for no apparent reason other than "Hey, that kid decided to do the group project alone. They must be a loner, let's make fun of them!" Sometimes people have their reasons, like if said person acts weird or talks funny. But whatever the reason is, it's absolutely pointless and futile. No one should ever feel that low. No one should ever feel like they don't have friends, and that the whole world's against them.
Bullying is so juvenile. Most all bullies are complete asses who think they're better than everyone else. Well, I've got news for you, fuckwad. By thinking you're better than everyone else, and acting like you'e better than everyone else, it makes you about as worthy of life as a piece of shit. They think they rule the world, and most of the time these bullies have their cronies, the little shits who follow around their king shit, the bully, like a lost puppy. It's like a game of Simon Says. Bully Says, "Make Fun of Caitlin," and then all of the sudden everybody's all over you like you just killed their parents.
It really is pathetic, to want and crave attention so badly that you make someone else feel like shit-in-a-can to get some. It's truly the lowest you can get without killing puppies. Puppy killers are the only thing lower than bullies.
I think this rant's been living inside me for a while, but it just needed that trigger. This is partially because of whoever assholes are making fun of Skip, but it's also because of the assholes who I go to school with Monday to Friday. Grade six was a living hell for me. It shaped me into the easily aggravated, easily pissed person I am today, because I just got so tired of the shit. Daily votes were held at lunch, "Who doesn't like Caitlin?" And every single time the only people who didn't put their hands up were me and my best friend. One day they even pressured her into putting her hand up, and boy did I EVER get pissed. We got into a huge fight, where she claimed that what else could she do? Putting her hand up was her only choice. I knew that was a load of bull, and I told her that if it was me in that situation, I would have NEVER put my hand up, because she was my best friend. That was the biggest fight we ever had, and after that it was kaput. Done. To this day being around each other is awkward. For the rest of that year, and up until this point, I've been in this really awkward position where I don't really have a best friend. I have a group of friends, but I can only trust certain people with certain things. Some people would react differently than others. I don't really have someone that I can unleash EVERYTHING with.
Rant over.


  1. that goes for the idiot bullies on the sim forums too. there'a a lot of those on there and they know who they are.

  2. Agreed. The forums are a breeding ground for trolls. They're like troll nations O.O And General Discussions is the capital O_o