Mar 28, 2011

The Mare's Nest - To be, or not to be?

The title is probably confusing, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else.
Alright, for starters, after reading their recent article on Reclaim Your Game
I'm still confused xD
I dunno, they sound like a legit website to me. I can agree with them on some cases, but most in this article not. RYG seems perfectly fine.
But just for comparison, I've always taken Mare postings with a grain of salt. Yes, they're bringing light to the trolls on the forums, but until I really started exploring and posting, I hadn't noticed an important detail.
After a little exploring, I've discovered that at least 30% or so of the people the Mare's have labeled as trolls really aren't that bad. Yeah, they've all had many a bad moments - only made worse my TMN - but they can be really nice people, too. I've seen 'trolls' such as Jamesmc93 and Keleya being very useful on the forums. For example, I was once participating in a discussion of CC, TSR and other glitches and computer safety issues affiliated with the two when both the likes of Jamesmc93 and Keleya stumbled upon the same forum. They both were contributing legitimate, non-troll-like (that makes sense, right? xP) responses to the conversation. Actually, it was Keleya who warned me to keep far away from Chaos Painting Mod because of many glitches and problems, not to mention it took forever for ChaosMageX to update after patches. Not too long after, Chaos Painting was removed from MTS my ChaosMageX due to severe game crashing issues with the LN patch.
Another instance where I ate a little salt was the 'Newb Squad of Awesome' fiasco. Yes,  there wasn't really a need to proclaim to the world that they were all great friends, but the Mares were insulting Cooklez left right and center, which was completely uncalled for. I think Cooklez is a great person. So yeah she made a forum to help get some traffic over at the Newb Squad of Awesome blog, there's no need to call it the 'Boob Squad of Woesome.'
Since, to my knowledge, my viewing audience is rather small, I've decided to leave comments on for this post. If things get out of hand, seeing as I'm dealing with a 'touchy' issue for the community, comments will be turned off. Just a note, I do have anon. commenting on, so anon.s comment freely. Another note, I do receive emails after a comment is posted, so if you think you'll make a bad comment off my radar once the post is off the first page, you won't get away with it. That being said, rant over, and comment away.


  1. I agree with you to an extent.

    I was a tad bit annoyed with their page on RYG, because I had just posted about RYG a day or two before, and I felt like I was being made out to be an idiot. Sure, I may have my idiotic moments, but I believe what I believe, and I trust RYG. I have always trusted them, and will continue to do so, regardless of differing opinions.

    Just because someone makes money, does not automatically classify them as some kind of sellout, or makes them bad. To do research, to keep the site and forums going, they need funds. I have my site, it damn sure wasn't free, and I'm not running some huge operation that demands space, and bandwith, so I have no issues paying out of my own pocket, and that's not exactly the same for others.

    That was the major *wth?* moment I had with The Mare's Nest. I don't think they did it intentionally, but I felt a wee bit attacked with that post, and felt like I was being singled out for believing in someone that I trust. Hey, I trust The Mare's Nest, but I trust RYG too, and I'm not a moron for doing so, and if people feel that I AM a moron for it, well they must know me well enough to know exactly where I'll tell them to go and how to get there.

    I'm not angry with The Mare's Nest or anything, but I mean hell, I haven't seen anyone else mentioning RYG, I've been mentioning it a lot lately, especially with regards to Medieval, and all of a sudden, here comes a blast from The Mare's Nest and I feel like someone's trying to shatter my trust in a group that I was a part of, that I was with at the beginning and a group that I still follow and read, even if I don't comment. I don't really appreciate that. I understand that The Mare's Nest has their own opinions, their own feelings, and their right to post about it and have their own thoughts on the matter, but it's starting to feel like they're only printing one side of the story lately. I could have given some sort of insight to alleviate their issues, or see where RYG and myself are coming from, but all of a sudden that post appeared and I felt a little hurt to be honest, that my opinions were being blasted out there, and that I was being told to Reclaim my Brain, and almost as if they were telling anyone that even reads my blog "don't listen to AE, she doesn't know what she's talking about." And that does hurt.

    But still, I don't necessarily blame The Mare's Nest for feeling how they do. That's how they feel, and that's how they post, and that's their choice. All I can do is respectfully disagree with them. I think they try to fight the good fight for the sake of themselves and the sake of the community, and there are times where I feel they miss the mark. But we're all human, and I won't judge them if I don't feel the same.

    And by the way, I'm not saying that you're judging them, I don't think you are, just kind of a novel that I totally did not mean to write. Sorry =\

  2. It's okay, AE. If ya need ta vent, ya need ta vent :P

  3. Well I try not to do it on someone else's blog :P