Mar 21, 2011

Machinima... To make or not to make?

Alright, so lately I've been considering making machinima, after watching so many great SIFF videos. Thinking about this, I've caught a few road blocks:
1. I have no idea what song I would do
2. I don't have the patience for this sort of thing
3. I don't have a YouTube account, or any other video sharing sites, so how would I share it?
4. There was another one... can't remember right now, but I'll probably get it up later.
Anyway, those are my blocks. The song isn't really that big, I'll just choose a song I like or one I can easily vision sims in. The patience... I don't have. I really don't. I tried once to make a mock movie trailer for the best movie of all time, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, but it was... unnervingly bad. Anyway, more later. I'm off to get squeaky clean, and then I've got to finnish my Mangaka entry.
OH! P.S. My username will be changing shortly! In 23 days I will be 14! WOOT WOOT :P


  1. Lemme see if I can help you out ;)

    1 - That's a common problem sometimes. I wouldn't go hunting for a song persay, but if you have an iPod or music on your computer, put it on shuffle, and just listen to the songs you have. When listening, picture the lyrics coming to life. Sometimes, the sound, or the lyrics will just hit you, and you'll have a "lightbulb moment"

    2 - I don't either sometimes. Making a video shouldn't be an all-day event. Spreading it out over a few days or even a couple of weeks is commonplace with vidders, so they take their time and don't get burned out. The key is to take your time. If you want to do the video badly enough, you'll find the patience.

    3 - Making a YouTube account is pretty easy, but if you're not into making one [it's also good to have if you want to comment on videos and such], then you could always upload to zshare or other sharing sites that sometimes don't require an account. I used to use zshare as a back-up if YouTube decided to be an asshole and remove my videos.

    As far as full songs, you don't have to use the full song. Some people make what are called "vidlets", which is just a video to a shortened version or part of the song. The song is edited of course, just like the video.

    There are lots of tutorials around the web, for all editing programs, and for different things, like coloring, or effects, or text, etc. etc. There is a vast amount of resources, and also, asking vidders for advice is usually good too.

    And happy early birthday!! 14....eesh.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add, that the difference between Machinima and using something like the Corpse Bride is the fact that you put much more time into Machinima. Corpse Bride has already been filmed, so it's easy to trim what you want and use, but you have to film your own when it comes to Machinima, something that wore me out pretty quick. But, the good part is that you'll feel proud knowing that you put in that work and made something good!

  3. Thanks AE! I'll definitely try listening to some songs on my comp. And about YouTube... NO idea how I forgot to put this in the post, but my parents are very against me having YouTube for any reason. I wasn't allowed on it until I was 13... (That's not to say I actually stayed off ;) )

  4. Ahhh I gotcha! Well I believe there is a site similar to YouTube called Vimeo if you wanna give that a looksee.