Mar 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Splash!

Splash of Color: a Pastel Rainbowcy is celebrating it's first birthday! And for that, Berry has asked for picture submissions of just about anything Splash!
So, Happy Birthday!
Backstory: I took all of Splash's lovely gals and my simself and shoved 'em onto the beach for the photo shoot of a lifetime!

**Extras and Bloopers**
 Emerald's Neurotic trait took over at a point of weakness and she 'freaked out.' Then, everyone turned, in sync, to stare at her. It was hilarious! Sadly, Livi had already left to go turn on the radio.
 I must say, Cherry was the most shocked of all xD
 Everyone left except Apricot and Emerald. Kudos to them for being the last ones to leave xD Apri had a little flip out too.
And then it was Emerald's turn to stare xD Awkward...

Well, that's it! Happy Birthday Splash! Here's to another great year of rainbow sims and dramatic, rebellious tales from the Chiffons!
<3 ~BookyGirl13~ <3


  1. hahahahaah adorable~~~!!! Thank you dear!

  2. No problem! <3 I must say it was a very fun shoot.