May 11, 2011

Shiny Legacy Edit

I'm just gonna 'fess up here, the Shiny legacy is dead, but I'll be uploading the final half-chapter that's been sitting in my screenshots bin for weeks sometime soon. Anyway, I got bored, so I took an old screenshot of Caitlin staring in fear at her computer screen chatting with Amy Bull and did this:

I know I could have set the "What has been seen, cannot be unseen" a little lower, but I was making sure it would fit on my desktop using 'Fill' instead of 'Stretch.'
So... Yeah. There you have it, a little piece of Shiny legacy memorabilia. I don't know who all actually read the thing, but chapter one used to be my most viewed post (it's now fourth most viewed, with Fellow TMN Supporters, Joins the Movement! in first, Happy Birthday Splash! in second, and The Mare's Nest - To be, or not to be? in third).
You cannot unsee the seen.

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