May 4, 2011

Hello Again

Looks like comments are staying moderated. I just discovered a fresh 'go to hell' and another death wish from sesert34 in the comment box. He is now under his 'actual' name - sesert34 - and is ready to rev... So the comments will stay moderated :/


  1. I recommend you look into the disqus moderation. You can import your existing comments from blogger. Disqus will still keep the comments updated in blogger so if you later decide not to keep using it, you won't lose them. And anything marked as spam by any user gets added to their spam detection system so it will work for everyone.

  2. That and the blacklist option is FANTASTIC. Blacklisting the IP will prevent him from commenting at ALL, unless he decides to get a new IP, but then blacklist away. ^_^

    I do recommend it, I have had zero problems. The whole thing with the real name I believe can be fixed, they would likely need to change their settings in Disqus, or sign up for Disqus altogether.