May 28, 2011

100 Posts of SHINY!!!

*toots horn* THIS IS MY 100TH POST! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
So this is it. 100 posts of random rants, news of the simming world and EA's bullshit. 100x the awesome that was originally on this blog. 100% more Booky's opinion and Booky's legacy and Booky's sims. To celebrate this, I made a new simself; a super shiny one, too!
I now present to you...
Cobalt Shiny!

More on that later, though. I'll make a new post with her CC list and such. For now, you can look at her adventures in the Bonzai Lounge in Bridgeport! (Warning: Major picspam ahead.)

lol, I love how EA lets under-aged sims drink (she's only a teen).


Teehee, hiccup!

Intense playing Freezer Bunnies! (I think that's what it's called, something like that xD)

Typical me, gettin' pissed! :D


That's it xD I know, pretty crappy photoshoot, she only did two things, but I'm just celebratin' good times (Come on! Do-do-do-do, do do, do do! xD )!
More to come with Cobalt Shiny! I'm just going to upload her to my launcher :D
~BookyGirl14, Celebrating 100 Posts~

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