May 22, 2011

Google Translate Fail

I follow Mod the Sims 3 by Boenza, which is a great CC listing site. It covers a wide variety of content sites, and a new addition to the list was a site called Danzxncrd's Sims 3 Blog. This blog is hosted on the same site as LemonLeaf and Tifa use, a Chinese site called Sina. Since the blog was written in Chinese, and I use Google Chrome, the Google translate bar popped up at the top of the screen, asking me if I would like a translation. I said yes, and it gave me this [click to view full]:

It happened again at the bottom, too:

Google has never been good with translating Asian languages. This has happened many a time before, especially with sites hosted on Sina xD

UPDATE: Danzxncrd is apparently also on blogger:

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