May 28, 2011

~Cobalt Shiny~

Cobalt Shiny!
Cobalt Shiny is I suppose now the official face of Booky Loves Shiny Things. I chose to make her cobalt blue and silver because navy blue and white was my original blog theme, and silver is shiny :D The skin is actually SHINY in game! Thank you so much CmarNYC for making these skins! They're amazing!
She's fairly CC free, seeing as I have next to no CC in my game right now (I'm transitioning it in now :P ) so she's pretty safe for non-believers xD
CC List
EPs: Late Night (only for the sunglasses on formal, so if you don't like them, you'll be good without it!)
Default Eyes - Multicolor eyes (unicolor version) by -Shady- on MTS
Default Body Skin - Busty St. Claire by LadyFrontbum on MTS
Default Face Skin - Silk & Velvet Female Face Skins (silk version) by LadyFrontbum on MTS
Shiny Skin - Metal sims skins by CmarNYC on MTS

Top - Sweet Scent Tops by Anubis360 on MTS
Shoes - Madame Dal's House of Dance Part 1 of 2 (ballet flats) by daluved1 on MTS

Sunglasses - Late Night


Top - V-Nek Tank Top with Plunging Neckline by LadyFrontbum on MTS



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