May 13, 2011

The Face of Same Old Schoolyard!

Here you have it, the face of Same Old Schoolyard! (No idea what I'm talking about? Here:

Model Name: Alida Treble

Personality: Alida is in love with her adventures, and is quite the active little gal. She plans on mastering karate some day, and she's got her hand-eye co-ordination to a T. You won't be able to get anything past her. She's got a keen eye for spotting things. Alida was born and raised in Riverview with her parents, Daniel  and Garcia. She lovesv stuffed animals, as she has a rather large collection. Alida can be tomboyish. She may be a lover of all things flowery, but she's also into things that the typical girl isn't; things like Pokemon and planes. She dreams of becoming a masterful Private Eye, or, if she's lucky, a plane pilot.

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