Dec 22, 2012


When I went into my game, I pretty much fiddled with CAS the entire time. Here are the results.


Yeah there's nothing different from yesterday here.


Since I got my Store content in my game, I was able to whip this together. Before, it was just a plain black dress.


Yesterday, I had this at a basic loose tank top and a pair of panties. I found this today on MTS and I really like it, it's really well made and look at that colour it was one of the presets it's brilliant.


This hasn't changed from yesterday either, but look at that shit it's awesome.


Still not different from yesterday, but I really love this bathing suit. Anubis is literally the best CC creator in the world I mean look at this shit it's fucking amazing.

And that is all I accomplished today. I love that EA finally added the feature to set different makeup for each outfit. Now my sim won't be wearing lip gloss to sleep. Woop.

I think tomorrow I'm going to make over her house. Since she's a broke self-employed artist (her Lifetime Goal/Wish/I can't remember what it's called [wow that's sad] is to master painting and writing), I can't be buying any new furniture.But when you live in a shit lookin' shack and you don't got no money, CAST is a very, very powerful tool.

Alright, I'm off to dreamland now. G'night.

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