Dec 4, 2012

iPad Adventures, Part 3

Ahahahahahaahhahahhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahn we have another work period in religion

These classes are pretty pointless, I'm pretty sure no one actually does anything. I'm willing to bet if I started working the first class then I could have finished the whole thing here, but she didn't bloody tell us that we were getting all of these work periods for it. I'm actually really pissed about this because otherwise I would have been able to finish my whole project in class and I probably wouldn't be stuck procrastinating this project for the millionth time. I've been finding what I can without working on the powerpoint, but it's really hard to work with these iPads. The touch screens are fussy and the controls are weird. I'm too used to working with actual fucking computers rather than these jacked-up iPods.

Anyway, my teacher literally just said that we should be able to finish then damn thing within an hour but I highly doubt that, especially since I've never worked with Keynote much before and would be too busy fussing through options to actually get anything done.

Back to reading my old blog archives, I suppose.

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