Dec 31, 2012

Happy New Year

It's the end of that time of year. All of the awkward family get-togethers are coming to a close with the ending of 2012. My family's hosting out family New Years party. I wanted to have Rose come (she really needs to meet my whacked out family oh my god) but my parents said no :( Now I'm stuck getting bored out of my mind with my younger cousin again. Oh well. My family let me install Sims 3 on the downstairs computer so we could play during the party without fussing with my shitty laptop. My cousin LOVES Sims, but she doesn't have it at home, or at least she technically doesn't. We gave her a copy of Sims 2 Double Deluxe for Christmas two years ago, but her dad never lets her on the bloody computer, so she hasn't had the chance to play it yet, let alone install the damn thing.

Seriously though, Sims 3 on the downstairs computer. That thing's less than a year old and it has a graphics card of gold. My game works like a charm with all of the graphics set to high, two expansion packs (Generations and Pets) AND my shit ton of custom content. I swear to god one day I am going to steal that computer it's just beautiful.

Happy New Year everyone <3 I hope you all have some fun tonight. If you're drinking, be responsible :P

I'll see you all in 2013 <3

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