Dec 21, 2012

Changing My Account

I have officially switched my account to Origin. The following notes were taken while I was exploring the site and refreshing my acount.

  • The home page what the fuck is this shit this is not what I remember no stop holy shit there have been some major changes there
  • My Page says I have three system messages but nothing is loading thanks EA
  • Why do I have 24 friend requests no stop none of you win I am clearing out my friends list ASAP
  • When I hit decline I need to reload the page for it to register what the fuck
  • Now that isn't even working I give up
  • Ew what the fuck is wrong with My Page
  • Oh no Jesus Cringlefucking Christ my About Me is so out of date and terrible I'm going to cry
  • There that's better sort of
  • How the fuck did I earn twenty-four badges I've been doing jack shit since whenever that system was released I don't even know when it was released that is how not online I have been
  • What the ever-loving fuck is the My Treasure Hunts tab for
  • Time to download my Store content back
  • They changed the way they categorize the Store why
  • Oh I remember now I need to wait thirty seconds just for my damn launcher to load every time I want to download something this is going to be fun
  • Wait it's going faster now that's good
  • Why did I waste my free Simpoints on this bullshit it sucks plus I never used it and I probably never will
  • Wow all of these items are seriously ugly why did I do this
  • Okay I take that back there's some cute shit in there
  • Was I even thinking about whether or not I'd actually use this shit when I bought it
  • The fact that I bought this hair and thought it was awesome is a surefire sign that I was bound for lesbianism
  • Alright let's see the Community page oh hi Liam nice to see you again
  • Oh there we go
  • Liam stop it right now is it really such a sin that I want to see SimGuruHydra's post about the 70's, 80's and 90's stuff pack that may end up being the only stuff pack I purchase because the 80's were literally the best
  • So I googled it and found the YouTube trailer and like half of the stuff is so tacky I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole but the other half I would use so fucking much like I seriously hope those pants that are half zebra half cheetah are available for girls because I love that shit I would wear the fuck out of that IRL
  • I was looking up other 80's fashion and I found this picture I'm crying
  • Getting distracted back to the forums

After that I just kept browsing forums.

I'm going to go back into my game now and hopefully get some pics. Last time I played, I concentrated on playing so much I forgot to take pics, so there will be some later tonight.

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