Dec 3, 2012

iPad Adventures, Part 2

So here I sit in religion class once again with a bloody iPad in front of me. Apparently this is the second of three iPad work periods we're going to be getting, so I'm kind of regretting not getting some actual work done last class, but I guess I still haven't learnt my lesson because here am again typing away on my blog rather than getting any fucking work done. The screen of my iPad is so smudged it's killing me.

My weekend was okay. My parents were cleaning like crazy to get ready for Christmas. We're putting up decorations some time this week. My mom attempted to clean my room, but in an entire afternoon we were only able to clean off my dresser. My desk is going to be a disaster zone. I really hope she doesn't try and clean out my paper trays without me there because my paper trays have my doodles, and I have been attempting to draw some form of 'risqué' drawings, one might say (by which I mean 'anatomy practice' with kinky shit :I ). In case you're wondering, they all suck shit. I'm not a very good artist.

School today was good I guess. At the end of science, Tom asked out this girl who he's been coming on to for at least a month now. She's been completely oblivious the entire time. It's quite hilarious, actually, because he's certainly not been subtle about it. Anyway, she said yes, so they're going to lunch somewhere tomorrow.

Dammit I'm out of shit to say. Now I actually have to do something fuck. Maybe I'll just post another series of random updates and findings here. Fuck it, here I go.


  1. You slacker!

    With artistry and drawing, it takes practice. I've always drawn cartoons very well, but a guy wants me to draw him a future tattoo, which is of course, a naked chick. I am awful at drawing anything realistic, such as people, so this is going to be interesting. Haha!

    1. :P

      The thing with my drawing is that I do practice... sort of... My practice mostly consists of a series of shitty doodles done in pen while I'm supposed to be taking notes that I somehow conceal with my hair enough for no one to notice I'm practically drawing porn. Whenever I try to draw with pencil, I ruin it by nitpicking too much and rubbing the paper thin with my eraser, leaving marks everywhere and sometimes ripping the damned thing. Maybe I'll post some pics of my 'art' some time, just for kicks :P

      Haha, good luck with the tattoo!