Jul 9, 2011


Yesterday I had a sleepover with my cousins, which, yes, involved sims. I took a shit load of screenies, so here's what we did.
**WARNING** Simselves are highly inaccurate and barely look like the real person xD
(Younger cousin=One year younger Older cousin=One year older)

It begins with this adorable picture of my younger cousin's daughter, Olivia, making this adorable pouty face.

We now go out front to the playground. This is my younger cousin's eldest daughter, Emily, building a sand castle.

And here is my eldest daughter, Lily, playing in the sand. I didn't get any screenies of my toddler, Casey :(

This is my husband. I'm a bit disappointed because none of the kids have even the slightest hint of his genes. They're entirely me :/

This is my younger cousin's hubby making a gorgeous constipated face :3

Emily on a... fun rider? Oh, well, I forget what they're called, but she's riding a horse.

Lily riding a pirate ship.

Lily failing at hopscotch with Emily xD

Emily winning at hop scotch.

DRESS UP CHEST! Emily being the Regal Red Princess. Look at that! It's precious!

Lily being a ferocious pink t-rex (forget what the game calls it). RAWR!

Look at that! It's got the princess walk and everything! Too cute!

lol, Who's she waving at? x3



At this point, we switched files to the one we made with just our older cousin and a husband we made for her. He's... interesting. You'll see xD Anyway, they met, kissed, became boyfriend and girlfriend, got engaged, got married and made a baby all in the same day. Sadly, this little girl turned out to only inherit her mother's eyes, with everything else daddy.

We spotted her at the pool once when she was a child. Her name is Blooby McBroobrers, and her father's name is Brooby McBroobrers. Don't ask xD The file we were just playing (myself and my younger cousin in a household) had this household co-existing. We split it into another file to play with it without screwing up the wishes and such of our other household.


Here she is as a teen (before we made her over).

Ain't her daddy smart. He set the house on fire, and didn't even react. I had to tell him to extinguish the flames.

Blooby flippin' out in her pjs.

Brooby trying to figure out how to work the fire extinguisher. Like the butterfly tattoos? :3

Fire fighter getting mad. The fire ended up destroying the stove, the counter to the left of the stove and the floor in front of said counter which caught on fire.

So when my older cousin's simself arrived home from work, I clicked for her to interact with Brooby and the "Fight!" set of actions was available (Brooby's traits are horrid, they must have made him be mean to her). So, just for the hell of it, I had them use the "Fight!" interaction twice. I wasn't able to snap the first fight, but here's some of the second one.

He won, but she won the first time.

 Guess what she's doing!

 WHAM! Right across the face!


 Done! I'd give that a 10/10 xD

Heh... Heh heh...

 Splittin' the marriage.

 lol Look at Brooby's face x3

He doesn't seem to give a shit. Probably the commitment issues.

 Blooby taking out her teen angst about the split marriage by ding-dong-ditching a random house.

 Giggle giggle indeed, Blooby.

 Run, Forrest, run!

 Ninja stealth mode seeing if it's a success.

 He had no clue! Yay!

But them she got busted for curfew xD

Gettin' angry in her undies x3

 The next day Blooby had a field trip at school. She doesn't seem too satisfied that she has to sit beside their old geezer teacher, Gus Hart.

These are literally the only teens in town xD Or at least they're the only teens who bothered to show up for school that day xD

Hair dye booby trap! Put decensor in my game but forgot to take it out x3 Sorry.

It feels like forever since I've blogged, but it's only been four days. I get blogging widthdrawl if I stay away too long :P
Yes, Day One of the Ten Day Meme is coming soon, but I'm having trouble thinking of ten different things to say to ten different people. lol, That makes me sound like a loner. I need three more.
Anyway, that's it. I went to bed at seven in the morning, so I'm going to go to sleep now. 'Night.


  1. My goodness! Sounds like you had a blast! Adorable kids of the kids playing make-believe.

    I have to say though...the em...blue people...man they have fugly noses. LOL :P

  2. We had a great time! Played Sims, of course, watched a movie and watched a hell of a lot of YouTube videos :P My older cousin showed up later, so this was all be and my younger cousin playing; When my older cousin showed up and we were showing her the pictures, we were gushing like they were our actual kids xD And yes, the blue people were meant to be fugly xD Older cousin had pissed with us at some point so we made her Brooby. Oh, memories... ;) xD

  3. I LOVE playing with someone else (most of the time xD). Makes the games TONS more fun :D

  4. Nothing disturbing going on in these pictures, nope, not at all...

    Ahmahgahd, like seriously, butterflies!!

    *Runs out of the blog screaming*

  5. lol, poida. Butterflies. You're in Australia, right? Do you have the show Modern Family there?