Jul 27, 2011

Hot Topic (again)

I finally got to a Hot Topic, and I LOVED IT!!!! It was a small place, but it was CRAMMED with stuff. Even more exciting, I've finally purchased some hair extensions (which I've wanted to do for a while now). They're a bit fussy,  but that's because I'm probably trying to do stuff with they you're not supposed to do xD I got Fuchsia Fade :D I also got a pair of earrings my mom doesn't particularly like, but I love 'em, and they go with my pylon pants :D
(Note: My pylon pants are a pair of neon orange pants. They're like jeggings, but the material is thicker and they actually have a working button and fly.)
So that's my little update for today. Day Three of the Ten Day Meme will need to be posted unfinished, but oh well :P Will be up soon.


  1. <3 Jealous! they have super awesome stuffs there!
    Lucky you, I bet those extensions will look very nice!

  2. I've tried the extensions in various different places, but I think I need to straighten my hair to get them to look right. My hair has a kind of curly wave, so the super-straight extensions look a little out of place, but not for long ;)