Jul 13, 2011

Ten Day Meme - Day Two

Ten Day Meme - Day Two
Nine Things About Yourself

1. When I was little, I had a deadly fear of Halloween masks. They scared the living shit out of me. In grade one, I cried because so many of the guys in my class were Scream. To this day, I still don't like them. It gives me the creeps to even think of entering a Halloween store, or even the Halloween aisle in Dollarama or Shoppers Drug Mart.

2. I dream of becoming a star interior designer.

3. From a young age, I've always loved artsy things. Painting, drawing, coloring, you name it, I loved it. The world was my canvas, which includes the old family room chair (which has retired to the basement) and my parents' wedding quilt, both of which got attacked with markers. Only difference is that the chair got off easy with washable markers. I used a permanent on the wedding quilt. I was probably around three for both instances.

4. My favorite holiday is, and always has been, Christmas because I get to see all of my family and it usually involves a big turkey dinner.

5. I want to start a YouTube channel. It would have my singing, some vlogs, home movies, acting, Sims machinima (if I ever make it, which I really don't have the patience to do xD)... That sort of stuff. The kitchen sink.

6. I am a super crazy Tim Burton fan. I absolutely adore his movies and art work. I went to see his art show when it was within the local vicinity (no location for you ;) ) and it was FAMAZING. Really. It was the BEST THING EVAR! Then again, I'm just a psycho fan :P

7. I love Modern Family. I don't know if it's broadcast anywhere else, but the base premis is there are three families, all related, and they just do crazy shit, it's really hard to explain. ROLL THE FILM!

8. I would someday like to get snake bites below my lower lip, so like this.

9. My guilty pleasure is Twilight. I read the books last year and liked them. I see the movies with my cousins, but liking Twilight isn't exactly something I spread ^.^' I'm not a hardcore fan, I *gasp* don't even have a team (Edward/Jacob) but I do think the books/movies are okay. I've definitely read better, though.

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