Jul 25, 2011

Posting withdrawal is kicking in...

It's only been four days, but it seems like forever. There really hasn't been much to blog about, but here's a little update.
I had swimming lessons Monday to Friday last week and it'll be the same for this week. I'm getting my bronze medallion. It's... okay. It's like half swimming lessons half summer school. We spend two hours in the pool and an hour upstairs in a room talking and practicing diagnosis and such.
WIN. Just click the link.
Amy Winehouse died. I don't know anything about her other than that she sang and was addicted to drugs and alchohol, and I'm pretty sure I've heard her song Rehab a few times. Other than that... I know nothing about her. Rest in peace. It's sad she died at twenty-seven.
You know what else is win? This.
Sorry, vid, but I think Paco won. Key of Awesome beats all :P

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