Jul 30, 2011

Unicorns? WTF?

I wasn't sure if this was official or not, but apparently the Pets EP is going to have unicorns instead of werewolves.
This rant is brought to you my this post @ Vidkid20's Sim Lair.
Unicorns have got to be the stupidest idea ever. This is supposed to be a realistic game, as it is one of real life simulation. Not one of a world enhanced by magical shit. I agree with vid that there should be a fantasy EP for those who want that aspect in the game instead of ever so slowly planting it in peoples' games through expansion packs, so that by the time we have all EPs and SPs out games will no longer be realistic, but a big load of bollocks fantastical world. They've already started adding magic shit to the store. That's where the magic shit should stay. Not everyone wants those shiny, sparkly, magical things in their game.
End rant.
P.S. Look in the comments.


  1. Nice avi! :D

    I know. It's like EA said lets put a horn on a horse, add some other crap to it, and call it a unicorn! Wooo! New creature! -_-

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is dumbest and most juvenille idea they have come up with. The game might as well be a fantasy game. I don't mind stuff like vampires and werewolves, because at least they are sims that can be cured, but this is actual animal were forced to have with purchase of pets. I think they totally dropped the ball with this. They could of saved this for a magic ep.

    I'm not excited about the game as I was at first with this news. It's not officially confirmed, but the coding in the game update has interractions with unicorns. *sigh*

  2. I don't want either unicorns or werewolves in my Sims game to be honest. I mean, werewolves are cool and all, but I don't exactly consider them pets. So I'm thinking this will be the first EP I wont buy, it just sounds too stupid and far fetched.

  3. I'm not fussed either way, since I no longer buy eps.

    Having said that, werewolves would work better with this ep IMO (plus, werewolves are awesome)

    Your avatar looks surprised, did she see a unicorn?

  4. Unicorns ARE real. *Cries in corner*

  5. @Vid, I was hyped for it at first, but when they announced it, I just sort of lost my buzz for it, I don't know why. This is just killing it even more, and it was already dead.
    @Wibs, Yes, werewolves aren't technically pets, but I suppose some are more biased to having them included in the pack because that's what came with TS2. This will probably be the only EP I don't buy too. My game can only handle three EPs though, so it's better if I don't buy xD
    @poida, That was a birthday face my simself made. It does look like she saw something shocking (like a unicorn :P ).
    @Chatter, Oh no! I didn't mean it that way. Don't cry! Will you come out of the corner if I give you a cookie? :3