Jul 27, 2011

Ten Day Meme - Day Three

Ten Day Meme - Day Three
Eight Ways to Win Your Heart

1. Act normal around me. If you want to catch me, then I need to be able to act normal around you. I need to be able to act like I do around my friends with you, and joke with you. The same goes for you, though. Act as you would around your friends with me. Laugh. Joke. We don't need to be mushy-gushy all the time.

2. Accept my little ways. I have a tendency for being very touchy-feely. I'll hug you if you're sad, punch you around a bit when I'm joking, give you random hugs. I need someone who accepts that.

3. Understand me. I often do not make any sense at all. Having someone who gets me even when what I'm saying doesn't even make sense to me is something I like.

4. Be honest to me. If I can't trust you, how can I be in a relationship with you? Not that hard to understand.

5. Make me laugh. Another simple one, a good sense of humor is always appreciated in a relationship.

6. Listen. This is the big give-away. Even if you have all of the above points, I don't care. If you don't listen, you're screwed.

Sorry for this being uber late ^.^' I just couldn't think of how to finish it. Thus I am screwing the one-a-day plan and just posting like hell xD

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