Jul 12, 2011


On Sunday I bought Pikmin for the GameCube. It... is... FAMAZING! I absolutely love it, but I kind of fail at it xD
Base premis: You play the character of Olimar, this little dude here:

Yeah, there he is. Ain't he cute? :P
So you play Olimar and he's a space explorer in his spaceship, Dolphin. Dolphin ends up getting hit by an asteroid and crash landing on this strange planet. The atmosphere on this strange planet is full of poisonous oxygen. Olimar's life suit or whatever the hell will only last for 30 days, during which he needs to collect all of his ship's parts. He finds these things called Pikmin which he pick from the ground and control, and he uses them to help him with his ship.
I am 20 days in and I'm pretty sure I have six or so parts, possibly one more? Either way, I'm screwed, but it's so fun! There's apparently also Pikmin 2&3, so I'm definitely going to try and find those. Wish me luck!

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