Jan 17, 2011

Computer or game file? I still don't know...

So I forgot to post again last night xD You see, I got online to post, got distracted, and then remembered what I was supposed to post less than a second after I hit the shut down button. Win.
Anyway, I took a few pictures of the file I was in last night (I didn't go back into Shiny Legacy).
This bootiful woman wearing that bootiful shirt was in the local consignment. The file was Sunset Valley, so I had to add the lots.

Granny gonna get you! xD She's a Master Thief in the Criminal career.

She got her mind on her money! (And she's not going awaaaay, awaaaay, awaaaay... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWOjM-YTd8Y <Awesome song! :P )

Shiny plaques :]

So as you can see, my game was working without a hitch. I hope it isn't a problem with Champs le Sims because I've never had a problem with that file before until it crashed while the two were making nectar :(

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